Health Services Administration Courses

To graduate with a Master of Science in Health Services Administration degree, students will need to complete at least 36 credits. The degree prepare students for a wide variety of leadership positions within health services organizations in not-for-profit, for-profit, and government settings.

These courses are interdisciplinary, and are offered by the Employment and Labor Relations, Nursing and Allied Health Professions, the MBA program and other departments. If you plan to continue your education in a doctoral program, a thesis of 6 credits instead of an elective course will bring your total course load to 39 credit hours.

The role of a health services administrator includes the specialized application of employment relations knowledge, the improvement of individual and public health, and the improvement of health delivery systems. This program's coursework in health services, employee relations, and research methodology that will enable you to excel in this role. Learn more about the exact courses required to graduate with an MS in Health Services Administration in our Graduate Catalog.