About Our Employment and Labor Relations Faculty

Mike Korns, ELR Professor EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR RELATIONSProfessor Michael Korns is a professor in the Employment and Labor Relations Department.

Impartial Professors with a Record of Real-World Success

Our faculty members reflect both sides of the negotiating table. Some hail from union and labor organizations, while others have impressive management resumes. Together, they bring real-life dilemmas and debates to the classroom to help you master the art of collective bargaining. 

  • Our professors have a solid track record in preparing master's candidates for excellent jobs.
  • Faculty members assist students in pursuing competitive internships.
  • Professors are equally adept at working with mid-career professionals who wish to make a change and recent graduates of bachelor's degree programs who have discovered a passion for negotiation.
  • An understanding of the history of labor-management conflicts adds perspective and conviction to our professors' philosophy of mutually agreeable resolutions.