Students with long-term or short-term temporary disabilities that affect mobility may use IUP Disabled Parking, as long as conditions as outlined in IUP Parking Regulations are met.

2.7 Disabled Parking

Parking shall be reserved 24 hours daily for vehicles with a disabled registration plate, disabled veteran's registration plate, disabled placard, or temporary disabled permit. An IUP parking permit will not be required for vehicles displaying a disabled plate, DV plate, or disabled placard from PennDOT. If a temporary permit is required, a 14-day limit will be imposed and a disabled placard application will be given to the person needing the permit. Extensions will be granted if the disabled permit has been applied for through the state and has not been received. Other types of extension requests will be addressed on a case by case basis. A doctor's letter is required to obtain a temporary disabled permit. If the disabled parking spaces in the desired parking lot are occupied, or a closer space is desired,a vehicle with disabled plate or placard may be parked in any non-reserved parking space.