Changing a Page Title

You may want the title of a page to appear different from the page's display name when the page is being viewed. For example, the display name of the Logging In page is “Logging In,” and that's how it appears in the menu. But when the page is viewed, its title appears as “Logging In to the CMS.”

For this, use the Title field while editing the page. This is directly under the Display Name field. It's optional, so you can just leave it blank and the Display Name will do its job.

Another example of this is are faculty pages, which are often ordered by last name so the menu can be scanned quickly:

Faculty and Staff
Doe, John
Jones, Jane
Smith, Joe

The actual title of Jane Jones' page layout is “Jones, Jane.” But when her page is directly viewed, the headline takes over and the page's title appears as “Dr. Jane Jones, PhD.”