Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania recently held the fourth annual BloomCON on March 29–30, 2019. BloomCON is a digital forensics, cybersecurity, and hacking conference, featuring a variety of speakers from academia, industry, and the military. Conference topics included lock picking, hardware hacking, drone hacking, and various competitions.

Through financial support from the Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 10 IUP students were able to attend the conference, learning drone hacking, reverse engineering, and Internet of Things forensics. Attendees agreed that the conference was motivational and inspired continued research of the topics presented.

Student attendees include: Rebecca George, Nick Kambic, David Kornish, James Lutz, Kayla Lutz, Jake Pascarella, Dan Richmond, Jason Ricupero, Victor Sansing, and Chad Wise. For more information regarding BloomCON, please visit the BloomCON website.