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Thursday, March 21, 2019


1:10–1:50 p.m. ET



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“Deep and Dark Web”

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All levels


Babur Kohy, adjunct professor, Cybersecurity, Northern Virginia Community College, and DSc Cybersecurity Student, Marymount University; Warren Holston, Friends of Northern Virginia Community College, co-creator of Secure Behavior and Technology Application course, author of Beware The Predator


Everyone is breached. Some know it. Others are waiting to find out. It takes months to find out if an organization’s data has been exposed. Industry and academia do not invest in their people to allow them to learn the dark corners of the web, where valuable information resides. Neither do they teach their people to use the dark web to maintain anonymity.

The intent of using the deep and dark web for proactive detection and remediation of breached data should be prioritized if the data is publicly available, and it does not harm any person or organization. This talk will give an overview of the deep and the dark web, explain how it differs from the surface web, and provide examples for the types of information found on various sites. We will also discuss how to use the dark web to protect your anonymity in a controversial world. 

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