Come join us for the January edition of the CAE Forum, where members of the National Centers of Academic Excellence community give non-technical presentations on topics of value to the CAE community.


“Secure Human Behaviors”


January 16, 2019


1:10–1:50 p.m. ET



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Students, Professors, Government


Babur Kohy, Adjunct Professor, Cybersecurity, Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) and DSc Cybersecurity Student, Marymount University


History has proven that technological issues cannot be solved with more technology. Millions of dollars are spent on emerging technologies, but the breaches continue to occur, bigger, and more sophisticated than ever before. Traditional “awareness trainings” are designed for compliance to provide legal cover for the organization rather than make their workforce secure. Rather than concentrating solely on technology as a solution to cyber problems, the human brain should be trained through traditional means to detect, analyze, and counter threats anywhere, anytime, and in any domain.

This talk will concentrate on human behaviors, patterns of life, and decisions people make that shape who they are. The talk will reference technologies as an enabler rather than primary solutions to cyber problems. 

A recording of the live presentation will be available online within 48 hours of the presentation.

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