The second set of workshops was held 2/29/20 and 3/7/20 at the Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.

  • Date/Time: 2/29/20 and 3/7/20, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Location: The Penn Highlands Campus, Rooms B112 and B120, 101 Community College Way, Johnstown, PA 15904
  • Open to all interested community college students and faculty.
  • Sponsored by DoD, IUP, and PHCC.
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Participation Advantages

  • Student participants receive a Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit with Fan Cooled Case.
  • Faculty participants receive a $500 stipend.

Workshop Guest Presentations

February 29, 2020

Presenter: Jeff Pulcini, Agile Coach and Project Manager

Title: Introduction to the Agile Mindset and Scrum Methodology

Description: Agile is a mindset and Scrum is perhaps the most popular methodology or framework employed. The goal of this interactive session is to introduce Agile as a philosophy, Scrum as a methodology/framework, the roles of those on the Scrum Team, and the ceremonies that are part of the process. Along the way we'll talk about how Agile differs from conventional methodologies and the benefits it brings.

March 7, 2020

Presenter: Nigel Wright, Technical Program Manager, Uber

Title: Methods to Decompose and Address System Cyber Security Threat Risks

Description: We will discuss ways to review an overall system, such as Hospital IT Infrastructure, Rail Signaling System, or Autonomous Vehicle, and evaluate the risks both present inherent operation and vulnerable to malicious attack. I will present some common industry cybersecurity attacks such as Stuxnet, the Tesla lane monitoring system hack, and others. We will then have an exercise reviewing a hypothetical physical / digital system (such as an Airport Security Theoretical System Design), I will give an overview of Kanban processes for program management. Finally, we will separate into three to four groups and use this mechanism (using "t-shirt sizing" planning with post-it notes) to evaluate how to prioritize development to mitigate cybersecurity risks.