Criminology graduate student thinking hard in class

The mission of the Center for Research in Criminology is to conduct and promote scholarly research in criminology and criminal justice; to sponsor research; to establish relations with other institutions/agencies at the local, state, national, and international levels; to attract scholars for residency programs; to act as a resource center; to act as a clearinghouse for proposals and information; to provide technical assistance; to seek external funding; and to engage in any other research activities that relate to the general study through research.

The Center for Research in Criminology receives support from the School of Graduate Studies and Research and from funded research that is undertaken by Department of Criminology faculty. The CRC works with the IUP Department of Criminology and the Graduate School to maintain a supportive research environment for faculty members and to nurture graduate student research. The CRC also works to facilitate research contacts by the Department of Criminology faculty, other faculty members at IUP, state and local criminal justice officials, and funding agencies.