Grad Students and Professors sitting around a table.

Become a Mentor for the Next Generation of Communicators

Media, communications, and worker training are rapidly growing fields. Combining knowledge in the theoretical and cultural contexts with hands-on media production skills prepares you for key positions in these ever-expanding areas.

MS in Strategic Communication

Strategic communication skills can be applied to virtually any industry, and are in growing demand. The MS in Strategic Communication builds your abilities in research, writing, and production, giving you the skill set needed to develop strategic communication messages that produce results. Whether you want to advance your career or pursue doctoral studies, the option to specialize in one of two tracks and the ability to customize your curriculum through electives allows you to fit this program to your professional goals and interests.

PhD in Media and Communication Studies

The doctoral program develops your skills in academic research, media theory, and the production of traditional and new media. The incorporation of hands-on learning means you'll participate in the creation of media content using state-of-the-art facilities at IUP in radio, audio, video, and photography.

PhD Program

With its blend of academic training and production experience, our PhD program in Media and Communication Studies will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities. Colleges and universities are in search of professors with these critical communication and media skills.

For those seeking teaching positions in communications and media, we are one of only a handful of PhD programs incorporating media and instructional dimensions with communications. For those in any discipline, the skills acquired will make you a more effective and technologically savvy educator and enhance your job and advancement prospects. Almost half of our students are from areas other than communications and media, including the sciences, mathematics, computer science, medicine, business, and K-12 education.

Career opportunities extend well beyond education as the advanced technological, media, messaging and instructional experience, and knowledge will help you lead the way in various settings, such as business and industry, healthcare organizations, and social agencies.

The IUP Difference

Hybrid Classes. You may already have a career underway when you join the IUP graduate programs. That's why classes are scheduled in person three times a semester. With this setup, you'll finish your coursework in just over two years (full-time) or three (part-time).

Teaching Associate Positions. As a doctoral student, you'll be eligible to apply for teaching positions that make you a prized member of the department while earning your degree.

Unique Curriculum. The combination of theoretical and practical knowledge you'll gain at IUP is difficult to find even at a larger school. Our graduate students find work because they know how things work in the field of communications media and can produce media products.

Compassionate Faculty. You'll benefit from the personal attention IUP faculty provide. You'll stay on track and get the most from your graduate work by consulting with an advisor who knows how to guide your career.