Students do experiments in a biochemistry lab.

Your Discoveries Could Advance World Health

Your study of the biochemical processes that exist in all living organisms prepares you for a wide range of career opportunities. Stem cell or genetic research may lead to groundbreaking medical or scientific discoveries. Your study of the human body's immune system leads to the production of new drug treatments.

The skills you acquire in biochemistry also prepare you to become a specialist in a wide array of fields including pharmacology, genetics, neuroscience and bioengineering. Since new opportunities continue to unfold, your interest in the interface of biology and chemistry can lead to an expansive professional life that contributes greatly to the progress of society.

Why Biochemistry?

Industry, universities and government institutions need biochemists to carry out research for a wide variety of concerns, both applied and exploratory. Without skilled biochemists, society would have no standards for health and beauty care, chemical manufacturing, or food and drink production. The critical development of medical instruments and pharmaceutical treatments would also stall at a time when the world population and the need for scientific breakthroughs is expanding.

The World Needs Biochemistry Majors

Many industries are clamoring to add biotechnology to their research, as well as their product development. They must compete to create effective new treatments and therapies that help improve private and public health care. Environmental safety issues have also moved to the forefront and rely on the specific skills and discoveries of biochemists like you. Furthermore, a biochemistry degree from IUP has proven to be very effective for those wishing to gain graduate degrees or who wish to become doctors or veterinarians.

Expected Outcomes With an Undergraduate Degree in Biochemistry

IUP's interdisciplinary curriculum and versatile faculty help you choose a direction that may be purely academic and lead to a PhD, or send you into the realms of industrial or government laboratory research. The possibilities for applying your biochemistry skills are broad. Your degree may lead to employment at a hospital, public health lab, research institute, or a biotech or pharmaceutical company.  You may also choose to enter public health or pursue a path that deals with your concerns for the environment.

  • Qualify for graduate programs that advance your skills and job possibilities, or prepare for admission to medical, dental, and other professional schools.
  • Shape your studies by choosing from a wide assortment of internships..
  • Small class sizes provide ample opportunity to engage your instructors.
  • Network with alumni with successful careers in forensics and research labs, or who have chosen an academic path.
  • Assist your professors in IUP laboratories and gain insight on research techniques.

The IUP Difference

Competitive Internships. This program has an excellent success rate in preparing you to successfully compete for highly competitive internships available to biochemistry undergraduates.

Advanced Labs.  Significant grant funding and university investment has provided excellent technical facilities that are dedicated to biochemistry.  New equipment, including a preparative centrifuge, confocal fluorescence microscope, fast protein liquid chromatography, real-time polymerase chain reaction and spectroscopic instruments, allows you to conduct advanced research with the help of your mentoring professors.

Diverse Curriculum.  Every day new opportunities emerge for biochemists. The rigorous and comprehensive IUP coursework will prepare you for the many traditional and emerging career choices that await you.