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List of chemistry courses from the academic catalog.


Joining a chemistry student organization is a great way to make friendships and network with other students and faculty in a way that will professionally and socially enrich your life!

Nsm Safety Training

Whether you working on research with a faculty member or preping labs you'll need to take the College Safety Training.

Research and Job Opportunities

Looking for research, internship, or job opportunities? Check out Research and Job Opportunities. If you're interested in a work study position, contact Dr. George Long in the department office.


The Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics Department provides multiple sources of assistance for IUP students. Students can choose free tutoring, for-hire tutoring, or get information on Supplemental Instruction times.

Scholarships and Awards

There are several opportunities within the Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics Department for academic scholarships and awards, including for incoming freshmen, graduate assistantships, and several awards granted for academic excellence and university service. Outside of the department, there are opportunities for all students such as those made available by the UNCF.

Other Helpful Chemistry Websites