Professional Preparation Program Micro-Seminar Created

Posted on 8/31/20 2:17 PM

P3 Micro-Seminar? Hmmm...what's that?

Do you want to be the best of the best? Are you looking to differentiate yourself among the competition in today's internship and job market? Are you simply seeking to develop your professional acumen? Well then, the P3 Micro-Seminar is for you!

The P3 Micro-Seminar is the Professional Preparation Program (P3), designed to provide you with career-ready knowledge, skills, and experiences you won't want to pass up. P3 will begin September 22 and meet eight times throughout the semestereach time on a Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. P3 will be interactive and engagingyou'll get to the end of it and wish for more, much like your favorite Netflix miniseries. Best of all (well maybe not best of all), it's a gratis program (that's rightit's free!).

Topics include (please note that topics may change as the schedule is finalized):

  • Career Path Exploration
  • Values Identification
  • Rsum Writing
  • Elevator Speech
  • LinkedIn Profile and Networking
  • Effective Professional Communication and Body Language
  • Public Speaking
  • Business and Dining Etiquette

For more information, reach out to Tammy Manko ( or Kelsey Thompson ( with questions, or complete the Student Registration Form to participate in P3.