Résumé and Cover Letter Writing

  • Resources to aid in writing résumés and cover letters.

    If you need to have your résumé reviewed, you can send it to resume-review@iup.edu

    Your résumé will be reviewed by one of our career coaches, and you will receive feedback. We make every effort to be timely in the approval process, but it may take up to five or more business days to review and provide feedback on your resume. Processing time may increase during busy times of the year (e.g., before a career fair, large networking event, or when all students in a class are required to have their résumés reviewed). 

    We do not schedule résumé reviews on weekends, and same-day or requests for reviews less than 24 hours after the request for review has been submitted will not be able to be accommodated.

    Be aware of job and internship application deadlines, and begin the resume approval process well before an application is due. If you have an urgent need to have your résumé reviewed, please contact our office directly at 724-357-2235 or email your request to career-development@iup.edu

  • Résumé Examples
    There are multiple kinds of résumés, and countless ways to organize them. Download examples and guides to writing effective résumés.
    Cover Letter
    The cover letter is a selling tool that helps to introduce your resume to an employer.
    How to create a résumé that works.
    Resume FAQ
    Students have lots of questions when it comes to writing a résumé.