The following information is designed to help you keep track of your academic standing:

Restriction for Non-Business Majors

Students not majoring in business may count a maximum of 29 semester hours in business coursework toward the 120 semester hour degree minimum.  Business credits in excess of 29 will be permitted only as credits beyond the 120 for graduation.

Residency Requirement

All ECOB majors must take a minimum of 50 percent of their required business* credit hours in IUP coursework. IUP credits earned by examination such as CLEP are counted toward IUP residency.

Junior Standing Policy

Requirements to be accepted for junior standing

Distribution Requirement

All ECOB majors (except those majoring in Business Education) must take a minimum of 50 percent of their degree requirements (i.e., at least 60 semester hours) in non-business coursework.

Academic Recovery Proposal

Academic Recovery Policy