The Eberly College of Business hosted "Make Your Own Motivation!" on Monday evening to help students survive the semester.

Dylan Corp, a licensed psychologist from the IUP Counseling Center and the outreach coordinator, took the time to discuss motivation with studentswhere it comes from, what it is, what problems we often face with it, and how to maintain and use it. A few key takeaways for students are to learn what you care about, put meaning behind everyday tasks, find a routine, take short breaks during periods of work, and keep up with your health!

A popular tip from the presentation on how to get work done is to use the Pomodoro Technique: set a timer, do 25 minutes of work, take a five-minute break, repeat. There are even apps to download to help you do this (a personal favorite being Plantie).

Students were able to leave the presentation with a better idea on how they can take control of their own motivation in order to have a successful semester. Any students in need of individualized support on motivation or stress reduction are encouraged to contact the Counseling Center at 724-357-2621 to consult with a counselor.

A second workshop, titled "Midterm Brain Drain: Rediscovering Coping Skills and Motivation," will be offered Monday, March 15, at 4:00 p.m. Watch your email and Eberly social media for details.

Reported by: Sarina Steigerwald, Sophomore, General Management Major

Eberly College of Business and Information Technology