Interim Dean Mills Visits Stephenson Hall LLC Residents

Posted on 11/23/20 8:55 PM

Interim Dean Geofrey Mills of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology visited students in the Stephenson Hall LLC on Monday, November 16, 2020.

Mills with Stephenson Residents 2020-1

Geofrey Mills, Stephenson Hall LLC resident (first-year business student), and Sheyla Paez, Eberly Navigator in the Eberly College

Treat bags, prepared by the Center for Leadership and Academic Student Success (CLASS) Office Eberly Navigators and student employees, contained cookies, chips, candy, a bottle of water, a letter from the interim dean, and a message stating: "You are one Smart Cookie, Congrats!"

In the letter by Mills, he encouraged students to turn their cameras on so they don't miss out on in-person connections during class lectures. He also encouraged students to maintain persistence and resilience during these ever-changing times, and he reminded them that the university has many programs and resources to support them during this time: resources to help them study, reduce stress, relax, and finish strong.

An IUP resource that strongly supports Eberly College students is the Career and Professional Development Center. Tammy Manko, director, and Kelsey Thompson, associate director and the Washington Center coordinator, accompanied Interim Dean Mills in distributing the treat bags. They complimented the treats with gifts of t-shirts, hand sanitizers, cell phone card organizers, and pens, to name a few items.

Eberly College students are encouraged to attend co-curricular activities offered throughout the semester by the CPDC. Programs and activities such as Roving Rsum Reviews, Food for Thought Lunch-n-Learns, networking events, job fairs, rsum writing, and Career Ready Seminar Series.

Mills with Stephenson Residents 2020-2

Geofrey Mills, Sheyla Paez, two Stephenson Hall LLC residents (first-year business students), Kelsey Thompson, and Tammy Manko

This semester, Eberly College students participated in a pilot program offered by the CPDC. The program, titled Professional Preparation Program (P3) Micro-Seminar, is a two-semester program consisting of eight sessions each semester. Sessions include critical thinking/problem solving, oral/written communication, leadership, teamwork/collaboration, digital technology, professionalism/work ethic, career management, and global/intercultural fluency. Eleven students from the Eberly College consistently participated this semester. Their status spanned all levels (freshman through senior).

The Eberly College collaborates with many student-centric services such as the CPDC, MCSLE, the Elephant in the Room Series, Six O'Clock Series, the Writing Center, and the Counseling Center, to name a few, to help our students learn well and sufficiently so that they have a rsum reflecting gained knowledge fostering personal and social development. These are competencies sought by employers.