1. Talk with your advisor to see if your internship will count for credit.

    • Tuition for credits will be billed.

    • If internship is being done for experience only and not academic credit, no internship application is necessary.

  2. Find an internship. There are many resources to help find an internship.

    • Career fairs on campus

    • Career fairs off campus

    • Alumni contacts

    • Networking

    • Internet search

    • Emails and social media

    • Blogs

    • Eberly Corporate Relations Office

    • Eberly digital boards

    • Career and Professional Development Center

  3. After securing an internship, you will need the following:

    1. Obtain a job offer letter from your employer, stating start/end dates and salary (if applicable).

    2. A job description listing your duties as they pertain to your major from employer.

    3. Complete an electronic application.

    4. A completed application including signatures (you obtain) from your department will then be turned in or emailed to Maureen Bash in Eberly 301, and she will obtain the assistant dean's approval and signature.

  4. Turn above mentioned items for your internship in to Maureen Bash in Eberly 301 or

  5. An internship agreement will be emailed to your employer. You can check on the IUP Iwiki to see if an agreement already exists with IUP. 

    • Note: Be sure to include your employer's email on your application. Once signed and returned by the employer, your application will be sent to the provost for approval.

  6. After being approved by the provost, you will be registered by the internship office for your credits.

  7. You will be notified of your approval and should obtain a syllabus from your professor for the course.

    • Note: You will have to follow up with your professor during your internship.

  8. Mandatory Title IX information will be sent to you via email for training certification.

  9. Once Title IX is completed, please submit certificate via email to

All of these steps must be completed and approved prior to the student doing the internship.