Erin Puko

Accounting Major

"My experiences at IUP and in the Eberly College of Business have prepared me far and beyond what I originally thought. The Business Honors Program has given me the opportunity to interact on a closer level with my professors and to travel within the United States and internationally. At my student worker job, I have learned communication and confidentiality with my peers and college administration. Finally, my involvement in student organizations has shown me a more in-depth look at the different aspects of business and has taught me techniques for running an organization."

I am originally from Farrell, a small town in western Pennsylvania, but have since moved to Pittsburgh, PA. IUP was always a strong option when I was choosing a school because both of my parents and my older brother attended IUP.

Eberly turned out to be a great fit for me because of its AACSB accreditation and affordability. In my four years here, I have participated in the Business Honors Program, became involved in student organizations and got a job as a student worker.

Since my sophomore year at IUP, I have been involved with the College of Business Student Advisory Council (COBSAC). Last year, I held the title of Senior Vice President and this year I was elected President. I have benefited COBSAC by bringing my perspectives and ideas and supporting my peers in their opportunities and ventures. COBSAC has greatly enhanced my leadership skills and pushed me to develop a better sense of communication with professors, faculty, deans, and professionals in the field. Without COBSAC, I would not be nearly as involved with the college and how things are run within student organizations.

I attribute my successes in and outside of Eberly to the Business Honors Program. The setup of the program has allowed me to take advantage of small class sizes and close interaction with professors and faculty. Built into the program is a component that encourages students to get involved with organizations in the college of business. This was my stepping stone to the leadership positions that I currently hold in the College of Business Student Advisory Council (COBSAC) and the Student Accounting Association (SAA).

The Business Honors Program has also afforded me many chances for personal and professional development. There have been trips to Washington, D.C., New York City, and India, along with numerous events within Eberly. Finally, I have become extraordinarily close with my cohort and made lifelong friends.

Erin currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania working as a Staff Accountant at Schneider Downs (as of Fall 2013).