Frequently Asked Questions about Banner

Whether you're new to Banner or not, the questions and answers below will make your Banner experience a better one!

What is Banner?

Banner is the name of a fully integrated software solution developed by Ellucian (formerly Sungard Higher Education) and used by the university to manage its business operations. The Banner system supports and manages student information, accounts receivable, financial aid, alumni/advancement, finance, and human resources. In addition, Banner includes a number of self-service (a.k.a. URSA) features so that students, faculty, advisors, and staff can access personalized and online university services to conveniently conduct business.

What is Banner Web Client?
What is ireports?
What is Online Reporting?

Ad Hoc Access to Recruit, Applicant, and Active Student Detail Data. Online Reporting is often used for access to "quick lists" of students. This could be a list of students in a program, major, or college. Other filtering options would be whether or not students are in the Honors College, Residency, On-Campus Housing status, and Graduate/Undergraduate level. This is only a partial list of items available to search or retrieve. The amount of data that can be searched and retrieved is too extensive to list in the FAQ.

Who uses the Banner Web Client?
How do I gain access to the Banner Web Client?
Who are the Banner security officers?
Can I access the Banner Web Client remotely (such as from a home PC)?
Who do I contact with Banner Web Client issues?
How do I get my printer setup for Banner Web Client job submission?

You can not directly print job from the Banner Web environment. When you wish to print a job, you use the printer WEB when submitting the job. Whenyour banner report is ready for view, you willget an email with links toa PDF version, an HTML versionand a Text version.

You can select the file type and print that. Most likely, the PDFversion will be thebest.

How can I get Banner Web Client training?

Banner Web Client training is offered in various methods. The IT Support Center offers general Banner Navigational Training to all Banner Web Client users. This training is not function or model specific. It is designed to provide the user with the necessary skills to navigate throughout the interface.

Other training is functional, and users may refer to the Banner Documentation site.

Is there a user guide for the Banner Web Client?
Is there a keyboard template for Banner Web Client?
What is URSA and how does it relate to MyIUP?

URSA is a secured self-service system that allows students, faculty, advisors, and staff to access personalized and online university services. Specific links to items with in URSA are found on the various pages of MyIUP. Also, you cango directly to the 'old style' URSA menu by click on the Tools optionat the top of MyIUP and select URSA navigation.

By first logging into MyIUP and using theselinks, you will be automaticallypassed into URSA.

What if the link in MyIUP does not take me directly to URSA?