The following departments and programs are housed within the College of Arts and Humanities.

Art and Design Department

Art and Design

Art and Design students develop their creative, technical, and expressive abilities in preparation for careers in the Fine Arts, museums and galleries, K-12 education, graphic design, interior design, and fashion studies.

English Department


English students learn to read, write, and think critically; to communicate effectively and persuasively; and to analyze and create documents and media that make an impact.

Foreign Languages Department

Foreign Languages

Our program offers students the opportunity to study a wide variety of languages, including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Urdu, and Russian, among others.

History Department


History gives students the critical thinking skills and historical knowledge that leads to careers in teaching, government service, public history, law, business, and journalism.

Music Department


Whether you want to become a music educator, performer, composer, musicologist, or critic, at IUP you will be exposed to a range of instruments, music styles, and career options.

Philosophy and Religious Studies Department

Philosophy and Religious Studies

If you crave an intellectual challenge, philosophy or religious studies may well be right for you. Students in our program develop critical thinking skills that lead to a deeper comprehension of world and national cross-cultural events.

Political Science Department

Political Science

Our program will teach you about the dynamics that shape global business, trade, and cooperation and increase your value for careers in government, business, and numerous international organizations.

Theatre, Dance, and Performance Department

Theatre, Dance, and Performance

By choosing among two theater concentrations or a dance minor, you can direct your creative talents. In a supportive, interdisciplinary environment, you'll shape your future as an artist in the entertainment industry, or discover and nurture unexpected interests that may lead you to related fields that welcome your gifts for self-expression.