Finding a Career in Anthropology

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  • Introduction
    Anthropology: Education for the 21st Century
    Skills Learned
    What does Anthropology teach that is useful outside the college setting?
    Postbaccalaureate Options
    What options does an undergraduate Anthropology major have after the bachelor's degree?
    Career Possibilities
    What job opportunities are possible for the Anthropology major?
    Career Paths
    Career Paths: Academic, Corporate, Nonprofit, or Government
    Career Advantages
    Anthropology's Career Advantages
    Getting Started
    Getting Started: Working backwards from the ideal first job
    Internships and Volunteering: Feedback and Apprenticeship
    Networking and devising a career development strategy
    Job Listings
    Internet sites: Job hunting for the anthropologist
    Job Titles
    Selected “Career Titles” for Anthropology majors to consider
    Resume Help
    Skills to develop and include on a resume
    Books Recommended
    Resources for a career in Anthropology: Recommended books