Marion and Jordon at the State Capital

Marion Smeltzer and Jordan Galentine show students how stone tools were used to drill holes.

Archaeology Month at the Pennsylvania State Capital in Harrisburg

Each October IUP students join the Pennsylvania Archaeological Council in a program at the State Capital in Harrisburg as part of Pennsylvania Archaeology Month. We show elementary school students how artifacts were made and used.

Jason and Ellis School Students

Jason Pare and Ellis School Students take GPS points with the Trimble R-8 during Archaeology Day at the school.

Public Archaeology at the Ellis School

Another important annual public archaeology event that Dr. Chiarulli and IUP students join is Archaeology Day at the Ellis School in Pittsburgh. We demonstrate flintknapping and use stone-tipped drills to create beads with the ninth graders. In 2008, we expanded our efforts by providing the students with the opportunity to participate in Ground Penetrating Radar and Global Satellite Positioning surveys.

Jesse and Katie drilling with Ellis School Students

Katie Hill and Jesse Freas and Ellis School students drill stone beads during Archaeology Day 2008.