Dr. Allard

Francis Allard is an archaeologist who holds degrees in anthropology, biology, and museum studies.

Allard's research focuses on the archaeology of East Asia; more specifically, the region's early complex societies, nomadic pastoralist societies, and imperial peripheries. He has studied and worked in China at various times since the early 1980s and has carried out fieldwork in China, Vietnam, and Mongolia. One of his current research projects examines the archaeological and historical record of China's imperial expansion toward the south during the second century BCE-second century CE. Another project looks at the development of bronze metallurgy in southern China and northern Vietnam.

In the department, he teaches Biological Anthropology, courses on China (culture and archaeology), and, on occasion, Language and Culture and a course on human evolution. He has traveled to Asia with IUP students on numerous occasions.

Download a full version of Allard's curriculum vitae in PDF format.