McElhaney Hall

The Department of Anthropology makes its home on the entire ground floor of McElhaney Hall.

Faculty offices are located in the G-1 suite, where we also have a sizable library of resource materials relating to internships and professional opportunities in Anthropology.

The ground floor also includesa specialized laboratory classroom,the large general teaching and archaeological research lab in G-3.

Lab space and graduate student work areas are in McElhaney G-12.

We have two major classroomsone designed for larger classes (McElhaney 104) and a 24-seat laboratory classroom suitable for biological anthropology and archaeology classes (G-2).

Work space includes a Wash and Flotation Room for processing archaeological artifacts coming in from the field and a very large Archaeology Analysis Laboratory with workstations and storage facilities.

A small Faunal Lab houses our comparative faunal collection and provides space for processing faunal specimens in a fume hood and closet for a dermestid beetle colony.

G-5 is now the Geophysical Lab and home to theMobile Spatial Data Acquisition Program, funded by the National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Program, which provided funds for instrumentation for:

  • Ground-penetrating radar surveys
  • Magnetometry
  • Electrical resistivity
  • Magnetic susceptibility
  • Large-format printers

Other instruments provided through funding from the State System of Higher Education Technology Fee program include:

  • Nikon Total Data Station
  • Trimble R-8 GPS Base and Rover system
  • Trimble Handheld GPS units