Archaeology, Cultural Resource Management, and Historic Preservation

Through you can sign on to a list that sends job announcements for archaeologistssometimes three to four times a day. lists many different archaeology job opportunities.

The Archaeological Institute of America lists many work and fieldwork opportunities.

The Society for American Archaeology academic and applied archaeology positions.

Historical archaeology jobs are listed on the Society for Historical Archaeology job board.

Cornell University has a great site for all kinds of historic preservation related jobs.

Archaeological Field Technicians offers many good networking opportunities.

Check JobMonkey for archaeology, heritage, and cultural resource jobs. will help you find jobs as well as know what wages and benefits to ask for.

The American Association for State and Local History maintains a list of heritage preservation jobs at local historic sites.

For museum jobs, check the American Alliance of Museums' job board.

Public Health, Medical Anthropology

Careers in Public Health. American Public Health Association career center.

Society for Medical Anthropology job board.

Anthropology Related Societies

(that offer career information)

Northern Kentucky University has a departmental that is an excellent place to find job listings and materials on anthropology careers.

National Association of Practicing Anthropologists (look for information packet about careers in anthropology outside the academy)

Anthro TECH: (classified ads for anthropologists)

American Anthropological Association

Society for Applied Anthropology

American Ethnological Society

Association for Feminist Anthropology

Association for Political and Legal Anthropology

Association for Latina and Latino Anthropologists

Association of Black Anthropologists

Association of Indigenous Anthropologists

Association for Queer Anthropology

Environmental Jobs

(often related to archaeology, cultural resource management, historic preservation, cultural ecology)

The Environmental Careers Organization (ECO)
Offers a varied site rich with jobs, job-hunting tips, and career paths. A wide-ranging list of environmental career opportunities.


(archeology track students often have sufficient GIS skills)

The best current job-hunting site for GIS is the GIS Jobs Clearinghouse.

Extensive listings of GIS jobs, salary surveys, etc.

Current job postings and resume postings; good directory of web sites and forums, home pages, chat areas, etc.; company index; product and business news; freeware, etc.

General Job Listings

An excellent list of lists and student placement guide, visit the student placement

Federal Jobs:
All you want to know about working for U.S. federal government. Search also by agency

Specially targeted to college students and alumni.

The Monster Board:
Lists over 50,000 jobs worldwide.

Career Path:
Searchable index of classifieds from six major newspapers.

Career Magazine:
Job openings, salary guidelines, professional organizationsplus you can post your own resume for up to six months!!