Students will present their research at the forty-ninth annual Geoscience Day on Friday, April 28, 2023.

  • Geoscience Day, Friday, April 28, 2023.
  • Monongahela Room, Hadley Union Building (HUB), Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
  • The talks will also be live-streamed on the departmental YouTube Channel.

Program Schedule 

    • 8:30 — Welcome and Opening Remarks by Dr. Nick Deardorff and Dr. Calvin Masilela
    • 8:35 — Introduction of GEOS 480 Senior Research Presentations by Dr. Ken Coles

Hydrology and Paleontology

    • 8:40 — Lucas Hoffner:  "Enhanced Analysis of the Water Budget for Marsh Run Watershed"
    • 8:55 — Eric Buzzelli:  "Taphonomic Analysis of the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation"
    • 9:10 — Adam Mancini:  "Paleontological Phenomena of the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

  • 9:25–10:00 — Student Poster Session and Coffee Break   
    The poster session will allow for discussion with the GEOS 480 students and also includes these projects in Geography and Regional Planning:
    • Nathan Clair:  "Revitalization in American Cities: Lessons from Atlanta Beltline Project in Atlanta, GA"
    • Alena Deily:  "Effects of Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions and Mitigation Strategies" 
    • Jesse Gowin:  "Abrahamic Religions in the Development of European Political Boundaries"
    • Jacob Krinock: "GIS-Based Optimal Route Selection for Oil and Gas Pipelines: An Exploratory Approach"
    • Michael Rihn:  "Cloud Seeding Development in the State of California and Southwestern States"
    • Scott Yackuboskey:  "The Contrast of New York City and Post-War Germany Housing Policy to Compare Demand-Side and Supply-Side Housing Policy for Lower Housing Prices" 

Stratigraphy and Structural Geology

  • 10:00 — Joshua Colasante:  "Paleoenvironmental Stratigraphic Reconstruction and Control on the Distribution of the Lower Keyser Formation of Central Pennsylvania" 
  • 10:15 — Morgan Spatz:  "Stretching Directions in the Eastern Central Range of Taiwan: A Record of Subduction and Exhumation Kinematics from a Seafloor Section" 

10:30 — Break

Alumni Presentation

  •  10:45 — Gabriella Zuccolotto (BSEd 2018), University of Pittsburgh
    "Water Watch: Monitoring Earth's Rivers with Remote Sensing"