How to Set Up Your IUP Network Account and E-mail

  • Activate your IUP network account and sign into MyIUP before Culinary Orientation.

    You will need your IUP University ID and initial PIN or the personal e+mail address you used when applying. (These were provided to you in your acceptance letter and your deposit confirmation letter.) Contact Culinary Admissions if you have misplaced this information.

    Here’s what you need to do:  

    Step 1: Activate your IUP network account:

    1. Visit the iaccounts’ network activation page.
    2. Click New and Admitted Students - Activate your IUP network account
    3. Enter your University ID (beginning with the @ sign) and date of birth.
    4. Enter your initial PIN  or the personal e-mail address used when applying to verify your account.
    5. Click Verify. Your IUP computing account information will display. 
    6. Remember your four-character “IUP network account username.” You will use this to sign in to MyIUP and your e-mail account.
    7. Follow the prompts to continue setting up your account.
    8. Make note of your IUP network password for continued use.

    Step 2: Sign in to MyIUP and reset your e-mail password:

    1. Visit MyIUP.
    2. Sign in with your four character “IUP network account username” and the password that you set during the account activation process.
    3. Visit
    4. Log in with your four-character “IUP network account username” and password that you set during the account activation process.

    Important Notes:

    • Remember your passwords, protect them, and avoid sharing them with others. Protect these passwords as you would a bank debit card PIN.
    • Check your e-mail frequently, as this is the official method of communication at IUP.
    • Be sure to click Sign Out when finished using MyIUP to keep your information secure.
    • For additional information regarding computing at IUP, visit the IT Support Center.