Sanitation Exemption or Test-Out

If you hold a current sanitation certificate through SERVSAFE and have taken their Certified Food Safety Management Course, you may have the option to be exempt from taking our Sanitation Management course.

Please note that we recommend that you take the class even if you hold a current certification.

The advantages to you of taking the Sanitation Management class include:

  • Refresh and review your sanitation knowledge
  • Extend the length of your certification
  • Receive a letter grade that will count toward your GPA (If you choose to exempt, you will receive a grade of "P" for pass and will not be eligible for transfer credits from this class.)

As an enrolled culinary student, you are automatically registered for the Sanitation Management class.

Here's what you need to do if you decide to apply for an exemption from Sanitation Management class:

You Have a Current SERVSAFE Certification

  1. Submit a copy of your current SERVSAFE certificate to the IUP Academy of Culinary Arts admissions staff by mail or at Culinary WORKS. (Certification must be valid for three years beyond start date.)
  2. No additional testing is required.