Academic Computing Policy Advisory Committee

Minutes of January 19, 2011 Meeting

  • Approval of Minutes - delayed until next meeting
  • Financial Report - No change
  • Announcements - Bandwidth increase from 300 to 600 yesterday (1-18-11)
  • Standing Reports
    • CIO report
      • Co-location of IRT and IT support: Bill to provide specifics - lost 8 IT professional in AA - replaced only one - # steps taken to address - Not business as usual in IT - all centralized faculty support is now in Delany -effective immediately. Humanities is being supported in a hybrid model through spring term.
      • Library Dean and digital repository: Issue is ongoing issues with digital repository to meet technology needs. PASSHE is using EQUELLA - considering upgrading current D space in short term - but Fedora Commons is still in play. Discussion of issues related to Fedora Commons implementation and technical support requirements and potential timing for implementation. IT actively working with Library on this.
      • Moodle - Moodle is status quo - don't see scenario where not available at least through 11 -12 and in all probability indefinitely
      • Faculty at D2L workshop: 12 faculty identified to participate in workshop - will not be teaching other faculty D2L - they will serve as mentor. IT people will also be in workshop and they will providing training to rest of faculty. - available early March. NOTE - there is NO conversion utility. Discussion regarding local support vs Perceptus. - Right now Perceptus- in future perception that Percpetus will be used off hours and IT for regular support..
      • Disclaimer on Public Meeting notes: concern regarding open discussion and possible issues when minutes placed on website.
  • New Business
    • Innovation funds completion - possible additional funding - will
    • Weekly student emails - 1-31-11 - called "The Beak"- weekly newsletter for students - focused on students - will come out on Mondays - faculty can subscribe - calendar, academic section, student organizations, job board, student events, financial aid, general news
    • Penn Center incident - problem last night 1-18-11 - first night of class - class room computers, open lab, faculty lab computers - faculty computers totally nonfunctional - issues beginning in December. There is anger on faculty part - How to address? Grad school could send procedure on how to address issues. Regional's do not have CTM support like colleges. - to add to agenda for February for follow-up
  • Old Business
    • Moodle/D2L letter to Provost follow-up - Has there been any response - if not what is next steps? - Library and Educational Services Committee for Senate is also looking at LMS and selection - recommend Nate contact committee chair for possible joint effort.
    • No response as of this time from either Provost/President -
    • Bill to take as action item regarding response - to take to AAC tomorrow
    • Depending on response - set up meeting with President and ACPAC co-chairs
    • ACPAC can present this at President's public forum
    • Concern regarding timeline and the unclear nature of implementation

Meeting adjourned - 4:30 pm