The information below summarizes the main considerations of the IT team members in choosing a suitable vendor for an upgraded test scoring system. Information was complied by Amanda Marshall.


The product will not work in our environment. Not a valid test scoring application. This application is geared toward voting.

Question Mark

This product is tailored to web based exams. It cannot be determine if weighted questions will work with this application.

Par Score/Par Test (Scantron)

Very similar to what we are currently using. Weighted questions will work, reports and descriptions are similar to what we already have in place. Not a lot of room for new features/improved processing.

Remark (Scantron)

Not scanner specific - allowing flexibility when it comes to hardware. Several added features from what we currently use (canned reports, customizable reports, results can be exported to URSA, special forms not needed, variety of output options). The IT folks reviewing these products felts that Remark looks to be the best fit for our needs. The vendor was contacted to come onsite and do a demo (January 26, 2010).