All students must fulfill the requirements of the university’s core curriculum, also known as the Liberal Studies Program.

The curriculum involves a minimum of 43 credits, divided among Learning Skills, Knowledge Areas, and Liberal Studies Electives.

The number of semester hours may vary slightly, depending on student choices and programs of study. Different colleges, and sometimes departments within colleges, may have variations as to how these Liberal Studies requirements are to be met.

Goals of the Liberal Studies Program

A Liberal Studies education provides individuals with a broad vision and understanding that enable them to enjoy full, rich lives and play constructive roles in their communities.

Goals for Liberal Studies are as follows:

  • Development of important modes of thinking and intellectual skills: critical thinking, literacy, understanding numerical data, historical consciousness, scientific inquiry, ethical perception, and aesthetic sensitivity
  • Acquisition of a body of knowledge or understanding essential to an educated person
  • Understanding of the physical, as well as the intellectual, nature of human beings

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