Sayed Ali Reza Ahmadi and Oksana Moroz, doctoral students in the Composition and Applied Linguistics program and Jones White Writing Center tutors, were recently interviewed on IELTS Podcast.

The podcast is a learning tool for students preparing to take the International English Language Testing System exam. In this episode, Ahmadi and Moroz discussed their experiences as international graduate students at IUP and as tutors in the Writing Center. In addition, they shared five reasons why international students should study at IUP; five tips for international students to utilize when applying for graduate school; best practices for international students who are writing academic essays; how the Jones White Writing Center helps international students; and what the international community at IUP is like. 

IELTS is a testing program geared toward international populations who speak English as a second language. The test is administered for work, migratory, or study purposes. In addition to the podcast, IELTS provides weekly tutorials, an online IELTS course, and an essay correction service

Listen to Ahmadi and Moroz's interview with IELTS Podcast