For the spring 2021 semester, all Jones White Writing Center Wednesday Workshops will take place over Zoom. All workshops will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. via Zoom link. Workshop attendees can request attendance vouchers. For questions about our workshops, please email us at

January 27

Writing Your Literature Review

Level: Advanced Undergraduate/Graduate

This workshop helps students understand the value of a literature review and offers strategies for how to effectively write one at the graduate level. It covers structuring a literature review, reading strategies, organization strategies, writing strategies, synthesis, and appropriate citation strategies (APA).

February 3

Avoiding Plagiarism, Addressing Patchwriting, and Ethical Citation Practices

Level: Undergraduate/Graduate

This workshop covers advanced citation practices for including avoiding plagiarism, avoiding patchwriting (inappropriate paraphrase, a common misunderstanding), addressing self-citation and more.

February 10

MLA Documentation (8th Edition)

Level: Undergraduate/Graduate

This workshop introduces the MLA documentation style (8th edition), including how to quote and summarize from an original source. It's a hands-on workshop in which students see examples and do exercises. Topics include citing within the text, using signal phrases, creating the Works Cited page, and documenting online sources.

February 17

APA Documentation

Level: Undergraduate/Graduate

In this workshop, students are introduced to the APA documentation style (7th edition), including how to quote and summarize from an original source. It's a hands-on workshop in which students see examples and do exercises on their computers. Topics include citing within the text, using signal phrases, creating the References page, and documenting online sources.

February 24

DIY Personal Statements

Level: Undergraduate/Graduate

Personal statements are an important component of applying to jobs, internships, or graduate schools. This workshop will help students plan and write a draft of a personal statement.

March 3


DIY Résumés

Level: Undergraduate/Graduate

Most students will need a résumé at some point during or after their college years, and they can learn new features in MS Word that will make their résumé distinctive. Students can get started on one during this workshop, or polish up one they've already written.

March 10

Cover Letter Workshop

Level: Undergraduate/Graduate - Business Writing Series

This workshop introduces students to writing an effective cover letter. After reviewing models of successful cover letters, we'll discuss the purpose of the cover letter, how to tailor a cover letter to fit a specific job, and how to highlight relevant experiences. Students will get a chance to draft a cover letter for intended positions.

March 17

Principles of Scientific Communication in STEM Fields

Level: Undergraduate/Graduate

Description: This workshop provides a thorough introduction to effective communication in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. We cover common genres in STEM (research report, lab report), typical audiences, and basic principles (clarity, technical accuracy, brevity).

March 24

Writing your IRB Application

Level: Advanced Undergraduate/Graduate

Co-sponsored by the IUP Institutional Review Board, this workshop will cover strategies for successfully writing an IRB application for engaging in human subjects research at IUP. The workshop will cover the major sections of writing the IRB application and the IRB process.

March 31

Interactive Workshop: Synthesizing Sources, Building and Refining Arguments, and Writing Literature Reviews

Level: Advanced Undergraduate/Graduate

For this interactive workshop, participants are asked to bring a working draft of a literature review you are currently working on and learn a variety of techniques for effective source synthesis, argument building, and organizing your literature review.

April 7

Proofreading Your Work

Level: Undergraduate/Graduate

This workshop helps students build the kinds of careful reading skills that are needed to proofread their papers, including reading slowly, using A Writer's Reference, and following rules of thumb.

April 14 (7:00-9:00 p.m.; two-hour workshop)

Introduction to Grant Writing for Academics

In this two-hour workshop, Writing Center Director Dana Driscoll will walk you through the basics of finding and submitting a successful grant proposal. We'll discuss major grant databases and finding grants, knowing how you are a “good fit” for a grant, sections of the grant, timelines, and tips for writing.

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