Student Conduct

  • Members of the Student Conduct BoardThe Office of Student Conduct supports the academic mission of the university by promoting the development of a campus community characterized by reasonable safety and security, responsible behavior, civility, and respect.

    Through enforcement of university policies and regulations, the office challenges students to take responsibility for their actions; demonstrate respect for themselves, property, and other individuals; and develop skills that will enhance lifelong problem solving, communication, and decision-making abilities.

  • Student Conduct Policies and Procedures
    As a community, the university has developed a code of standards and expectations that are consistent with its purpose as an educational institution. The Student Conduct Policies and Procedures articulate these standards.
    Drug and Alcohol Sanctions
    The university holds students accountable for their behavior. University Student Conduct correspondence is delivered via IUP e-mail accounts. Failure to read e-mail will not be accepted as a reason to appeal a Student Conduct outcome. Office of Student Conduct Alcohol and Drug Policy Violations are attached.
    Fines and Fees
    January 2017- The following fines will be charged to a student’s IUP account based on Student Conduct sanctions assigned as a result of Student Behavior Policy violations: See attached.
    Services provided by the Office of Student Conduct.
    Student Policy Index A-Z
    A student policy guide A-Z index for Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
    IUP Civility Statement
    As a university of different peoples and perspectives, IUP aspires to promote the growth of all people in their academic, professional, social, and personal lives.
    Frequently asked questions about the Office of Student Conduct
    Student Conduct Referral Process
    Any individual who is a member of the IUP community (i.e., current faculty, staff, or student) may submit a student conduct referral involving a currently enrolled student to initiate the adjudication of allegations against that student.
    Student Conduct Appeal Request Form
    Form used to file an appeal of a student conduct hearing decision.
    Recognized Organization Appeal Request Form
    Form used to file an appeal of a Recognized Organization Review Board hearing decision.