Student Affairs Events

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

During this week's workshop, students will learn about the need for mindfulness when leading others, develop strategies to unwind after leading, and understand one's own needs regarding mindfulness and self-care.

Discussion: Hope for the Future

G60 Suites on Maple East

Dr. Erick Lauber and a certified recovery specialist, Armstrong, Indiana, Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission, will explore the importance of reducing the stigma of addiction and highlight all the resources that exist to help individuals who are suffering with addiction.

This discussion will also cover available resources for those dealing with a loved one or friend experiencing addiction issues

Healing Touch: Peer Support for Individuals Touched by Addiction

G60 Suites on Maple East

Are you concerned about a friend or loved one who uses alcohol or drugs?  Marianne Cubeta and Becky Perkovich, Certified Family Recovery Specialists, will provide recovery coaching and peer support for anyone touched by addiction.