IUP continues to be committed to maintaining a learning and work environment that is free from all forms of sexual discrimination or sexual misconduct, and includes processes that are fair to all parties involved. Please review the university's Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy and related resources.

Please also take a few minutes to view the “IUP Student Overview Video: Civil Rights, Title IX, and Sexual Misconduct” and download (pdf) the 2020-21 Where to Turn for Help listing.

All employees and university-related personnel are Mandated Reporters, a term used for two reporting obligations:

  1. You must report suspected child abuse to the state through Childline, and
  2. You must report actual or suspected sexual discrimination or sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator or deputies.

The annual required employee and affiliate training will be assigned in the coming month and will address our university's policies.

IUP takes concerns and complaints very seriously. An Incident of Concern Online Reporting System is accessible to all students and employees at the bottom of every IUP web page. If you have any concerns for the immediate safety of yourself or others, call 911 or contact University Police at 724-357-2141.

Elise Glenn, your Title IX coordinator, and the staff at the Counseling Center and Haven Project are available to offer support and information, or to direct you to the office or resource that can provide help. Confidential services can be provided. If you have concerns, let us help.

For further information, please contact title-ix@iup.edu.