IUP Be Heard

  • Be Heard Survey 2018During second semester of 2015–16, IUP launched a survey of students to address issues related to inappropriate sexual behavior, which includes sexual violence—a longstanding challenge faced by colleges and universities across the country. The university will again survey students on this topic, beginning on April 4, 2018.

    Many colleges and universities, like IUP, have polices, resources, and programs to address inappropriate sexual behaviors and support individuals who may have experienced these behaviors. However, it can be difficult to obtain comprehensive, accurate, and consistent data regarding these experiences. 

    In order to collect more information, students will receive an e-mail on April 4, 2018, which will contain a link to take the Survey of Community Attitudes about Sexual Violence. The survey will help to answer the following questions:  

    • How often does sexual violence happen to IUP students?
    • When it does happen, where can the students turn for help?
    • What do students know about sexual violence and the resources available to prevent, counsel, and support those who experience sexual violence?
    • How do students feel about IUP’s response to sexual violence?

    Answers to these questions will help IUP provide better support for people who have experienced sexual violence, develop policies and prevention tools to reduce the frequency of sexual violence in the campus community, and gauge the campus climate regarding overall sexual misconduct among students.

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