Six O’Clock Series

  • The Six O’Clock Series provides IUP students, employees, and community members an opportunity to learn about current issues and approach familiar topics from a new perspective.

    Programs occur on Monday evenings at 6:00 p.m. in the Ohio Room of the Hadley Union Building, unless noted otherwise. Programs end at 7:30 p.m. Check the schedule for the exact location. A listing of Six O’Clock Series events is also available as a poster (PDF file).

    All lectures are free and available to the public as well as the campus community. The lectures are targeted to an audience of college students and employees so all topics may not be appropriate for children.

  • Escape from the Nazis: How the Ordinary Heroes of Dutch-Paris Smuggled Thousands of Jews, Resisters, and Allied Aviators out of Occupied Europe
    January 29: From 1942 to 1944 the Dutch-Paris Escape Line smuggled hundreds of fugitives out of Occupied Europe, hid hundreds of Jews from the Nazis, and carried secret documents from Switzerland, across France and Belgium, to the Netherlands.
    Stalking and Technology
    February 5: As technology has become a major part of our everyday lives, it has also become more common for stalkers to misuse it. Stalkers are increasingly misusing a variety of telephone, surveillance, and computer technologies to harass, terrify, intimidate, coerce, and monitor former and current intimate partners.
    Business Attire Fashion Show
    February 12: Are you getting ready to interview for an internship or full-time job? Or maybe you are thinking about attending a networking event? Still not sure what business casual really means?
    Stigma: a Major Barrier to Recovery from Substance Abuse Disorders
    February 19: What is stigma? How does stigma hinder looking for help and recovery? What can we do to stop stigmatizing substance abuse disorders?
    Who Wants to be Enlightened: The Black History Month Edition
    February 26: “Who Wants to be Enlightened?” is a fun and educational game show where ten contestants play to be the number one most enlightened! This trivia game involves basic knowledge, creative thinking, introspective reasoning, and pop culture.
    The Impact of Suicide
    March 5: Representatives from the Suicide Task Force of Indiana County will lead a discussion on how suicide has touched them locally, and the efforts of the Suicide Task Force to raise awareness about a tragedy that is 100 percent preventable.
    Blurred Lines of College Drinking
    March 19: College life and drinking are not an uncommon pair. How do you distinguish between an average college drinker and someone with a problem?
    Issues of Diversity: Voices from the field, Research on Diversity at IUP
    March 26: Join one of several panels to learn how language, practice, and policy shape the experiences of diverse people and how research can help us understand and improve our societies and communities.
    Ugh?! Not Another Diversity Presentation! When Multicultural Competence Meets a Real Reality
    April 2: Looking for a fun, high-energy, and engaging program? Then this is the one for you! The purpose of DAP is to promote diversity and cultural awareness in all aspects of life to students, faculty, and staff on a university campus.
    An Evening with Moshe Baran, Holocaust Survivor
    April 9: Holocaust survivor Moshe Baran will tell about his experiences from being a forced laborer to partisan fighter, as well as show his documentary film, A Look into the Eyes of Resistance.
    Contemporary Spirituality for Mental Health
    April 16: This lecture will draw from process thought and the speaker’s personal experiences to discuss ways of developing a spirituality that both owns loss and chooses life.