Six O’Clock Series

  • The Six O’Clock Series provides IUP students, employees, and community members an opportunity to learn about current issues and approach familiar topics from a new perspective.

    Programs occur on Monday evenings at 6:00 p.m. in the Ohio Room of the Hadley Union Building, unless noted otherwise. Programs end at 7:30 p.m. Check the schedule for the exact location. A listing of Six O’Clock Series events is also available as a poster (PDF file).

    All lectures are free and available to the public as well as the campus community. The lectures are targeted to an audience of college students and employees so all topics may not be appropriate for children.

  • Words: Use Responsibly
    September 10: How should college campuses balance the values of free speech on the one hand, and fostering an inclusive learning atmosphere on the other hand—especially when the speech in question is hateful or offensive?
    A Casual Conversation with the Framers of the US Constitution
    September 17: Sit in on a casual conversation with four authors of the US Constitution: Ben Franklin, James Madison, Charles Pinckney, and Alexander Hamilton.
    Why Vote?
    September 24: During this Six O’Clock Series, students will learn about elections at the local, state, and national levels; why elections are important; and what issues are of greatest concern to them.
    When I Knew: A Different Beginning
    October 1: Alternately candid, funny, poignant, and heartbreaking, this HBO documentary focuses on a cross-section of men and women of all ages who invoke the exact moment in their lives—whether as toddlers, grade-schoolers, teens, or young adults—when they knew, once and for all, that they were gay. Join us in celebration of National Coming Out Day for a viewing of this documentary film.
    Rooting Out Micro-Aggressions In Our Daily Interactions
    October 8: Have you ever heard someone say, “That’s the problem with people today—they are just too sensitive”? What would offend you? Would a comment about your appearance, your family, your faith, etc. rub you the wrong way? We will learn three different types of micro-aggressions and how to recognize them in our lives and consider how to be more attentive.
    Exploring Excellence Beyond the Academics: Stand Out from Your Peers!
    October 15: Co-hosted by the assistant director of Education Abroad and the Merit Scholarship advisor, this program brings together current applicants, past participants, and representatives to discuss opportunities beyond the classroom studies.
    Escalation: A Film and Discussion on Dating Violence
    October 22: In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, join us for a viewing of the short film “Escalation,” which has been repeatedly described as “eye opening” and “deeply recognizable” to learn the warning signs of unhealthy and dangerous relationships and what you can do about them.
    What Issues are Important In the 2018 Midterm Elections?
    October 29: We will also offer an overview of two to three big issues that have become important in the 2018 midterms, such as immigration reform, climate change, and/or tax policies.
    What Makes a Good Leader?
    November 5: Join the Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement as we discuss leadership and ways in which to develop your leadership skills. Sometimes, being a leader means having to choose to do the unpopular or “unsafe” option, even when you know it’s the right one.
    Honoring Veterans Day
    November 12: In observance of Veterans Day on November 11, join us for this Six O’Clock Series to honor those who have served and our currently serving our nation.