Six O’Clock Series

  • The Six O’Clock Series provides IUP students, employees, and community members an opportunity to learn about current issues and approach familiar topics from a new perspective.

    Programs occur on Monday evenings at 6:00 p.m. virtually via Zoom. Programs end at 7:30 p.m. Check the schedule for the program links. A listing of Six O’Clock Series events is also available as a poster (PDF file).

    All lectures are free and available to the public as well as the campus community. The lectures are targeted to an audience of college students and employees so all topics may not be appropriate for children.

  • Five Dangerous Myths About Black People in America
    February 8: Stereotypes often impact how groups are viewed in society. Within this presentation, Jeremy C. McCool will debunk many of the stereotypes about Black Americans, where they stem from, and how they impact the community.
    Business Attire and Interviewing 101
    February 15: Join us for a workshop that will cover everything you need to know on how to dress for success and rock an interview.
    Behind the Post
    February 22: Discuss social media’s influence on our relationships, explore the 10 signs of unhealthy relationships through the film Escalation, discuss healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, and learn how to start a conversation to address relationship concerns with friends.
    Discovering Your Implicit Race, Gender, and Sexuality Biases
    March 1: This workshop, featuring Dr. Bentley Gibson, CEO of the Bias Adjuster, will present the latest research on implicit bias and foster positive intergroup behaviors.
    International Women’s Day Panel
    March 8: This event is in celebration of International Women’s Day, occurring March 8 every year, to celebrate achievements of women worldwide and advocate for gender parity.
    Following Your Dreams: America’s Best Dance Crew’s Donnetta “LilBit” Jackson
    March 15: Professional Chicago dancer, Donnetta “LilBit” Jackson will tell her story of how she started, being a kid from the hood that “made it,” and how important it is to network and make connections.
    Entrepreneurship Before COVID, During COVID, and Post-COVID
    March 22: Dr. Lawrence Willis will discuss business and conditions prior to COVID, how he sustained and survived during the pandemic to keep his business afloat as others ceased operations, and his view of a world forever changed post-COVID.
    Student Poetry Slam
    March 29: Are you a poet? Interested in performing spoken word? Join us for a poetry slam! You’ll get a chance to practice and perform over Zoom if you’ve ever been hesitant to perform on stage. Prizes will be available for winners!
    Establishing Leadership Presence to Create Your Success
    April 12: We establish leadership presence using tips, tricks, and tools based on best practices and research. This presentation will provide you with tactics for standing out as a respected leader in your organization and in life.
    Social Media Etiquette and Professionalism
    April 19: This program will focus on social media etiquette, professionalism, and organization while working with clients and organizations with different experiences.