Undergraduate Minor

Eighteen semester hours from the courses are required for the minor in educational psychology.

How do I declare a minor in educational psychology?

  • Request a minor application from the Department of Educational and School Psychology office in Stouffer Hall, rm. 246.
  • Complete the "Student Information" and meet with your academic advisor for approval and a signature.
  • The faculty advisor for the minor is Professor Roger Briscoe (briscoe@iup.edu). Return the completed application to the department office for Dr. Briscoe's signature.

What courses are included in the minor?

  • EDSP102 - Educational Psychology
  • EDSP477 - Assessment of Student Learning
  • EDSP373 - Psychology of Adolescent Education (Spring Only)
  • EDSP476 - Foundations of Behavior Analysis
  • EDSP378 - Learning (Spring Only)
  • EDSP479 - Reading and Understanding Educational Research (Fall Only)

Why minor in educational psychology?

An Educational Psychology minor can help you understand, predict, and control behavior in learning situations. It's also good preparation if you're considering a graduate program in school psychology or guidance counseling. This program provides you with extended study on broad topics related to

  • Developmental learning theory
  • Sound teaching methods
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Behavioral management techniques
  • Behavioral assessment and management
  • Classroom assessment
  • Test construction
  • Psychology of adolescent education
  • It can be helpful in complementing an educator's work in coping with classroom situations.