What If Your Internet Doesn't Work?

  • What if my computer has never been on the network or I am returning from break?

    Reboot your computer once. You may need to register your computer. If you go to any webpage, you should get a page where you can register your computer. Once it is registered, you will be scanned to make sure your PC doesn’t have any vulnerabilities (it won’t as long as you’re running Windows Firewall). If you do need to install patches, a page will come up with links to the patches you need. After installing the patches, select the “rescan” button and, if everything is okay, you will be allowed on the network.

    If you took your computer home for break, you may have changed the network settings. See the residential networking guide for instructions.

    If you still have problems, call 724-357-2596 and let us know. If you can’t get through, e-mail us at iup-resnet@iup.edu. Please include your name, phone number, room number, building, and port (as labeled on the wall) in the phone/e-mail message. Your port may be enabled, but you may have another networking problem. Please make sure you have the right cable (see our network guide for details). You need a Category 5 or 6 networking cable and an Ethernet adapter installed in your PC to get on the network. If you look at the end of the cable, it should have eight contacts. If it has fewer than that, it will not work.

    For more information, please see our residential networking guide.

    What if my PC was on the network, but my connection stopped working again?

    You probably have a virus or a copyright complaint against you and were disabled by IT Services. Make sure you have updated virus protection software and that you are not sharing any copyrighted files. Give us a call at 724-357-2596, and we will see how we can resolve the matter and get you back on line. If we cannot resolve the problem, you may need to rebuild your PC before it is allowed back on the network.

    What if Instant Messenger works, but not Internet Explorer?

    If you are able to use Instant Messenger, your port is enabled and your PC is working on the network. If Internet Explorer crashes, it may be because there is a conflict between Internet Explorer, Kazaa, and your virus protection. You must disable Kazaa when using Internet Explorer to fix this. It is important to have virus protection running. If you do not, you are very likely to get a virus and have your port disabled. IUP offers Sophos virus protection free to all IUP students, though you may use your own legitimate virus protection.

    Another possibility is that you have a third-party firewall that may be blocking some network traffic and, therefore, preventing your Internet from running. Try disabling your firewall to see if you can use the Internet.

    What if my Internet still doesn’t work?

    If you cannot get your Internet to work, you can contact the RESNET help desk at 725-357-2596 or e-mail us at iup-resnet@iup.edu.