In-Room Ethernet Connections

  • Traditional Halls

    In the traditional residence halls on the IUP campus (Elkin, Whitmyre, McCarthy, and University Towers), every room has two RJ45 ports which can be activated for 10/100/1000 megabyte switched Ethernet connections. Apartments in the Towers area that allow three-person occupancy have four ports. A port is activated for each resident at the beginning of each semester. If only one person is assigned to live in a room, then the AD, or top port, is active.

    If your port is disabled because you have violated the RESNET Acceptable Use Policy, you will be charged to have the port reactivated. Note that there is no wireless in the traditional halls except University Towers.


    Suites Wall JackIf you live in one of the Suite buildings, any port that ends with an “A” (for example, 123-AA, 124A-BA, 125D-AA, etc.) will be activated for Ethernet. Plug your network cable into the port closest to your computer and the other end into the computer itself. Some suites may also have ports active in common areas, such as kitchens and living rooms. Active ports in a shared room will be on opposite sides of the room.

    See the How to Connect My Computer or Other Device to the Internet page if you have trouble connecting to the Internet with an ethernet cable.

    Ethernet Cable

    Ethernet CableMake sure you have the correct type of ethernet cable. It needs to be a category 5 or category 6 networking cable. Newer cables may be called cat 5e or 6e. You cannot access the network with a phone cable.


    There is wireless throughout the suites. Due to the shared nature of wireless, it is strongly recommended that you use the wired connection in your room. The wireless should be used more for mobile use—for instance, if you wish to use one of the study areas in your hall or to access the Internet from a friend's room. You will get a much faster and more stable connection with your wired connection.

    For help setting up wireless, contact the IT Support Center. Note that there is no wireless in the traditional halls except University Towers.

    Game Machines and Other Network Devices

    You can register other network devices, such as game machines or Tivos, by following the instructions on the How to Connect to the Internet page.