Finding network device MAC Addresses

  • If your device is not listed here, check the manufacturer's documentation.

    Note that you can only use these devices on the wired network. They will not work on IUP’s wireless network. Follow the instructions for registering your device.

      PlayStation 3/4

      From the PS3 main menu screen, follow these steps:

      1. Navigate to the “Settings” icon (on the far left).
      2. Navigate up/down and select “System Settings”.
      3. Scroll up/down and select “System Information.”


      To locate the MAC Address of your Xbox One console:

      1. Navigate to My Games and Apps.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Select Network.
      4. Select Advanced Settings.
      5. The MAC Addresses for the wired and wireless adapters should be displayed.

        Nintendo Wii

        Note: Game machines can only work on the campus wired connections. A Wii requires an external wired Ethernet controller to use IUP's network. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to get the MAC address.


        Note that not all Rokus have a wired port. A wireless only Roku will not work on IUP's network.

        1. From the Home screen, press Up to make the Menu Bar appear.
        2. Select Settings.
        3. Select Player Info.
        4. The wired MAC Address will be listed on the screen. It’s also listed on the back of the box itself.


        1. Open the Tivo menu
        2. Select Settings
        3. Select Phone/Network
        4. The wired MAC address should be listed on that screen along with the IP address.

        Apple TV

        1. Go to the main menu on your Apple TV, and select "Settings."
        2. In the Settings Menu, select "About."
        3. Here you can find your wired MAC Address listed as either the "Ethernet ID".