Greetings IUP,

The RI team hopes that everyone is adjusting to the current situation and managing well. Although these are challenging times, we are only an email away. We are working remotely and will continue to provide assistance to you and support for your externally funded proposals and project activities. This message provides guidance and information regarding upcoming proposal submissions and current/active grant projects.

Please know that we are diligently monitoring agency websites for new opportunities as well as direction for active awards. This information will be shared with the appropriate individuals.

Proposal Submissions

If you plan to submit a grant proposal, please know that the RI team remains available to assist you in the same capacity as pre-COVID-19. We are working remotely and are available via email or cell phone. If you do not know which team member to contact, please email or call Tracy Eisenhower directly: 724-464-4953 (mobile) or

You should still begin your new proposal in Kuali, and the system will automatically generate an email alert to the pre-award specialists. The web-based review and approval systems are still intact, and our five-working-day rule still applies. To allow for unforeseen delays or challenges, we strongly recommend contacting your pre-award specialist as soon as you identify a grant opportunity. Your pre-award specialist will help you determine an appropriate timeline based on specifics of your Request for Proposal and agency guidelines.

Active Grant Awards/Activities

If you are a PI, Co-PI, or IUP employee being paid on a grant, the COVID-19 restrictions and requirements for social distancing may impact your grant activity. If you have any direct contact with other individuals while performing your grant activity, you must follow all university, Pennsylvania State System, state, and federal mandates during this time. This includes students and graduate assistants. Per President Driscoll's email on March 31, 2020, there are to be no face-to-face activities through summer 2020. This includes grant activities, whether on- or off-campus. Additionally, only essential personnel are permitted to be on campus during the quarantine period, and this restriction applies to faculty offices, labs, and other space.

We understand that this will likely cause delays and challenges in completing research projects, and we are here to assist you in identifying solutions and/or communicating with your funding agency. If you encounter challenges, please reach out to Ute Lowery ( or Janis Nichols ( for assistance so we can document this in the project file.

Per President Driscoll's email, there may be exceptions to the social distancing mandate at the President's discretion. If you feel your project warrants an exception, you must work through your chairperson, dean, and/or division VP for guidance. Note that exceptions will only be given in rare and extenuating circumstances, and all decisions will be based on the safety and well-being of university employees, students, and the general public. Please include Tracy Eisenhower, Ute Lowery, and Janis Nichols in this communication so we can document the exception and assist you with your project accordingly.

We thank you for your patience and continued commitment to sponsored research during this difficult time.

The RI Team

Tracy Eisenhower, CRA, DEd
724-464-4953 (mobile)

IUP Research Institute