In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and response plans provided by IUP President Driscoll, the IUP Research Institute wants to provide you with information pertinent to your externally funded proposals (with upcoming due dates) and current active awards.

  • The IUP Research Institute services will continue to be available either by email, office phone, or cell phone. Our in-office hours will only change if the pandemic causes a direct impact on our staff/families or a widespread cancellation is mandated. If you need to provide an alternate way for the RI to contact you (other than your IUP email), please contact Tracy Eisenhower ( or your RI specialist. Our office is expeditiously coordinating remote access for our staff and will continue to communicate specific agency guidance as it is available to us. The most efficient method to receive current information is to go directly to the agency website.

  • Researchers planning to submit a proposal should attempt to complete the process as quickly as possible to help ensure appropriate review, approvals, and submission processes are able to be completed prior to the deadline. Please anticipate possible delays in these processes. Our normal “five-working day rule” may not be adequate.

  • PIs with active awards should develop plans so that all research team members can maintain social distancing when working in the same space, as well as encourage proper hygiene (hand sanitizer, hand washing, etc.), and ensure that anyone not feeling well stay home.

  • PIs who need to order supplies, etc. on their sponsored projects should do so as soon as possible and anticipate possible delays in shipping.

  • PIs who have scheduled or intend to schedule travel should contact their respective agency program officer and/or monitor the agency websites for guidance. Kayla Garshnick ( is the RI's travel officer and will be available to help provide guidance and assistance for all RI travel and purchases. For IUP travel/purchases, please work with the appropriate university personnel. For travel, follow guidance provided via email by Rick White.

  • Please remember that any human subject, animal, or biological material protocol must be submitted for approval to the relevant review committee before being implemented.

  • Sponsored project activities that include workshops, group meetings, and other kinds of gatherings should consider using virtual platforms or postponing in-person gatherings until the risk of coronavirus recedes.

  • PIs should develop contingency plans in the event access to university buildings is limited in the future. Contingency plans should be developed for the continuation of lab operations, including animal care.

  • Students employed on sponsored projects MAY continue to work, but cannot be directed or required to do so.

We anticipate that individual funding agencies will post their own guidance for dealing with the pandemic. Grantees should follow that guidance as it is made available, and we ask that you forward all communication, directives, and guidance to the Research Institute. Please forward these communications to Tracey Eisenhower and Ute Lowery ( and