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Upon successful completion of a credit-bearing course, professional PA educators can electronically request IUP to submit their credits to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for ACT 48 inclusion by following these steps:

  • Log into MyIUP and click on Academics. You will find Act 48 course request for PA certified teachers in the Academic Record portlet, which will allow you to apply online.

    If you don't have a MyIUP account, claim your account to get MyIUP access. (Note: If you last attended prior to fall 2000, complete a paper Act 48 Credit Courses Certification Form.

Course work is submitted to PDE via data file every week. You will receive a letter from the assistant registrar when your coursework has been reported and accepted.

Act 48 Important Information

Note: Requests for noncredit hours from workshops attended should be directed to IUP's Office of Teacher Education.

 ACT 48 Submission Request Form