My freshman year at the Punxsutawney campus taught me time management, study techniques, and how to use my professors' office hours to my advantage. The campus helped me to be successful throughout my college career. I am graduating in May 2015 with a bachelor's degree in Nutrition and a concentration in Dietetics. I will be returning fall 2015 for the IUP Dietetic Internship and Graduate School.
Chelsea N. Zimmerman

The Punxsutawney campus specifically taught me how to work hard and study sufficiently. It also gave me the opportunity to meet really great people and participate in happenings I couldn't have at the Indiana campus! These Punxsutawney experiences are essential aspects of my overall success at IUP: writing for the Punxsy Spirit community newspaper, writing and illustrating for the Memory Book, and my first-year scholarship opportunities.
Cheyenne S. Helman

As a nontraditional student and a Punxsutawney resident, attending the Punxsutawney campus was at first a decision of convenience. But, when school began I soon realized I was more than happy with the decision I made. The campus provided a comfortable, intimate learning environment that fully immersed me in the "college experience." My professors were almost always available, not only scholastically but personally as well. Both faculty and staff were always willing to offer advice or assistance when needed. The professionals here want you to succeed, and I am proud to say that the encouragement from those at this campus is a large part of my collegiate success. Thank you, IUP Punxsutawney!
Troy A. Berkey

The Punxsutawney campus was a great experience for me since I came from a small town. The transition from Punxsutawney to the Indiana campus was a great help in preparing me for my future classes and success at IUP. My time at Punxsutawney taught me how to better my study habits and prepare me for what the Indiana campus had to offer. I believe starting at a small campus first taught me not to take advantage of anything, but to get through the college years safe, fun, and successfully. I am proud to say that I am graduating in four years thanks to the help of staff and other students at the Punxsutawney campus.
Samantha M. Zlotorzynski

A great start to your college career: that's exactly what the Punxsutawney campus offers. I had a great freshmen year that set the tone for my future success not only here at IUP, but also for life after. The amount of support that is offered is unlimited and incomparable; with great mentors, it was impossible not to stay active. You are treated like family. The best part about the campus is the atmosphere: it shapes you for success, and you build friendships that will last for years down the road. The Punxsutawney campus played a big role in helping me become the successful graduate I am today. I owe a lot of my success to those who were there from the very beginning.
Kymere D. Carlton