Psychology Brown Bag Discussion: Assessments of Learning Disabilities

Posted on 11/9/21 9:31 AM

Please join Professor Timothy Runge, from IUP’s Psychology Department, on November 17 at 11:30 a.m. for a Zoom lecture discussing assessments of learning disabilities.

For a Zoom invitation, please send an email to Krys Kaniasty at

Identification of specific learning disabilities in school-age populations using Response-to-Intervention methods

The assessment of specific learning disabilities (SLD) in school-age populations has received considerable attention in recent decades given concerns about the validity of using traditional assessment practices, namely a discrepancy between intellectual ability and academic skills. Contemporary assessment practices have focused on using a student's lack of responsiveness to empirically-validated interventions as one criterion for SLD identification. These practices will be presented along with an illustrative case study.