Krys Kaniasty collaborated on a recently published paper with colleagues from New Zealand and Philippines: Guilaran, J., de Terte, I., Kaniasty, K., & Stephens, C. (2020). "Social adjustment in New Zealand and Philippine responders: A test of main and moderating effects of received social support" was published in the Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies, 24, pp. 77-88.

Emergency responders are generally tasked to protect and preserve life, property, and the environment during and in the aftermath of critical events. The findings of this study provided evidence for beneficial direct effects of receiving social support on social adjustment outcomes among professionals routinely involved in potentially traumatic circumstances.

On a practical note, these results should prove useful for designing and implementing social support intervention programs for professionals who play critical roles in protecting people and property during fires, medical emergencies, terrorist acts, and natural disasters.

Department of Psychology