Teach Good Choices, Patterns for Families and Individuals

The youth of today clearly benefit from learning about wise consumer choices, preparing nutritious meals, nurturing children, managing personal finances, and the importance of a balanced lifestyle. As a K-12 family and consumer sciences education major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you'll gain the academic and hands-on training needed to become a successful teacher in this field.

To prepare you for your career as an educator, IUP has a range of coursework covering family and consumer topics as well as the strategies and methodology used by teachers. Some of the classes you'll take include the teaching of family life education, school law, child development, nutrition, personal and family management, textiles, and educational psychology.

IUP has Earned a Reputation for Excellence in Teacher Education

The bachelor of science in education with a major in K-12 family and consumer sciences will prepare you for a career as a teacher, and our extensive student teaching program will give you the skills you'll need to lead a classroom.

Along with the public schools, teachers in this field may find employment in health or social service settings. Teaching young people how to establish productive and satisfying home and community lives can be very rewarding. Through your work as an educator, you will inspire others to manage with reason and creativity the challenges of living and working in our society.

Employment of school teachers is expected to grow by 12 percent between 2006 and 2016, although some areas of the country are expected to have increases greater than others. This is expected to create 479,000 additional teacher positions nationally, according to the US Department of Labor.